Visual Appearance for a new NGO supporting women.

An unique logotype that stands for strong, solid femininity. Bold, positive colors. And the symbol of the „Indian hand“ or „Hand of Fatima“ let you think of India. The well-known symbol also shows the shape of a flower and is supplemented by the western feminist „woman symbol“, also called „Mirror of Venus“ – the result is a new, characteristic logo that stands for feminism and transcultural cooperation. The logo can be used with or without a claim. The distinctive symbol is also used as a single sign.

UNA for Women is a registered NGO that helps the poorest women and girls in rural India. Women in India are victims of violence, sexual assault and everyday discrimination. They are often dismissed as minors, unequal and useless. UNA for Women offers women and girls access to medical care, prevention of violence against women and self-defense. Raising public and population awareness of human rights and women’s rights is central to their work.

  • ClientUNA for Women
  • IndustryNGO
  • ServicesArt Direction, Visual Appearance, Print Design
I am happy to design for a good purpose, like for UNA for Women.