Visual Identity for a the Bachelor programm Cultural Studies

I designed the visual identity for a new undergraduate study prodramm in Linz, Austria: A logo that is a minimalistic reminiscent of a book and an appearance that is simple but memorable. The design is based on the idea of dissolving apparent oppsites: As the study program combines artistic and scientific research, the design combines opposites too: Basic geometric shapes and weired, free, artistic lines. The entire design is based on the colors orange an blue: Clear, simple and yet eye-catching. 

The profile of the bachelor’s degree in cultural studies consists of the combination of the principles of historical-critical cultural studies with artistic practices and cultural work. An important part of the interdisciplinary course is the acquisition of design skills in project work. This programm is organized by Kunstuni Linz, Johannes Kepler Universität (JKU), Katholischen Privat-Universität (KU) and Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität (ABPU).