Illustration & Artwork

I create all kind of different artworks: Hand drawings, prints, paintings, mixed media, collage and digital illustration. An artwork can be made of images only but it can also contain typography and photography. It can be used as essential part for an illustrative branding, as cover art for books, as album cover art for vinyl, tape or cds, as eye-catching and appealing packaging, as poster, postcard or invitation.
Like the motif, the media and technology must also be tailored to the later application, the content and the message.

people hanging out, view from top

I create funky patterns, botanic and anatomic illustrations as well as whimsical characters. Most of the time I start with a sketch or handdrawing which I then digitalize and continue working on it in Photoshop or Illustrator. But I also like to do the whole piece analog by using pens, ink, gouache, watercolor or acrylic paint. I love to tell a story with my illustrations.

star pattern captain K
Surface Pattern

Pattern design can be used for all kind of different sufaces and products: They are used for packaging, paper products, fabrics, and fashion.

Illustration The Bängs Gardenparty

A character can be one element among others or it can be the key-element of a visual concept. Stories can be better told by characters, it makes everything tangible and understandable. With an personality that fits to your message, story or product you have the key to your customers heart. Characters have the ability to easily catch ones attention, they raise emotions and are remembered.

I love to create phantastic creatures that are neather humans nor animals. My inspiration probably comes from my love of fairy tails, myths and all kinds of old books.