Konstanze Wimmer Image
© Foto by Lena Kinast

My name is Konstanze Wimmer and I am an artist and designer. studio KOKOALPIN is the name of my atelier which is based in Austria. I like to draw, create hand-made illustrations and to develop unique visual appearances. I like to experiment and to try out different tools and techniques.

I like to work content-based with knowledge of your project, your commitment and your value proposition. My workflow is inspired by different methods from design, art and cultural studies. And I love to transform complex concepts, special requirements and great ideas into a consistent visual language and authentic illustrations.

My atelier is located in the upper-austrian countryside. Before moving here I lived in Berlin for many years and gained experience in various positions in the creative industries. I have studied design at the Bauhaus University Weimar and also hold a master’s degree in media culture and art theories because I am interested in the transformations and interactions of design, culture and society.

Besides designing and creating I like to read and write. I spend a lot of time outside with my dog. I like gardening and strolling through meadows and forests making interesting discoveries in the inconspicuous as well as the obvious. My drawings and paintings are inspired by observations of the everyday life, my love of nature as well as of more phantastic thoughts that come up when I read or daydream.